Which is Popular Tool in Agile Software Development?

which is popular tool in agile software development

There are many agile software development tools available for you to choose from. Some of them include Wrike, LeanKit, Codegiant, Trello, and SpiraPlan. These are all popular solutions for your project management needs.


Jira is a tool that helps teams manage and track their activities. It is designed to support agile software development processes. This is a tool that allows users to automate workflows, track issues and create custom workflows.

The product is available in the cloud, as well as a server version. Users can start a free trial. Atlassian has also built an app store that contains hundreds of apps and add-ons. Some of these include Jira Align, which is an enterprise-level planning tool for agile development.

Jira is used by teams in multiple disciplines. For example, marketing teams use it to plan large-scale events and complex launches. These marketing teams can also use it to create custom workflows.


Wrike is a powerful project management tool that helps teams get work done faster and better. Developed for professional service firms, marketing agencies, and large organizations, it has a number of features to choose from. With Wrike, you can create custom dashboards, manage time, and track your projects. Plus, you can use Wrike’s file sharing and email integrations to stay connected with your team.

Wrike’s Enterprise plan offers advanced security, unlimited users, and customized IT admin permissions. It also includes a free trial. While the basic plan is only for up to 15 users, the Business and Premium plans can be purchased for as many as 16 and up to 400 users, respectively.


Trello is a web-based application that helps teams to manage projects. It provides a simple, yet visually engaging way to organize tasks. While it lacks the features of Jira, it still makes a good option for smaller teams.

Rather than using emails and spreadsheets, Trello focuses on a visual kanban style of project management. Users create boards, lists and cards, and can assign due dates and attachments. They can also comment directly on cards. This allows them to communicate with teammates, share files and receive notifications via email or SMS.

Trello has an API that allows developers to build custom Power-Ups. These can be used to automate boards, provide analytical insights and more.


SpiraPlan is an enterprise agile program management platform. It combines multiple project planning, testing, and defect tracking tools into one powerful solution. This allows business owners to handle projects efficiently and effectively.

SpiraPlan supports a wide range of agile methodologies including Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, and Agile Project Management. The software’s user interface is simple and easy to navigate. However, it can be slow at times.

In addition to its consolidated user interface, SpiraPlan includes a full audit trail. Users can track issues, create test cases, and log regression tests. They can also record updates, create reports, and manage tasks and deadlines.

In addition, SpiraPlan is a flexible planning board. It lets users log different versions of software, manage iterations, and set deadlines.


Codegiant is a software development tool that has become popular with agile software developers. It is fast, flexible, and easy to use. It allows users to collaborate on documents and code. Moreover, it offers tools to help teams track issues and develop code.

The software features a fully hosted Git platform that lets users manage issues, collaborate on documents, and write and review code. It also integrates with Slack for seamless team communication. Besides, it provides a rich text editor and a continuous integration feature to facilitate the process of creating and releasing new versions of software.

While Codegiant can be used for free by small and medium-sized teams, it is more expensive for larger teams. Medium-sized teams can pay a monthly fee, while larger teams can opt for a yearly subscription.


LeanKit is a visual project delivery tool that allows teams to visualize work processes. It uses cards to represent work items, and provides real-time status updates. This makes it easy to stay on top of projects and eliminate wasted effort.

LeanKit is perfect for businesses looking to streamline workflows. It also has collaboration features that allow teams to work together seamlessly. Whether your team is spread out across the country or in the same office, this tool can keep them on the same page.

LeanKit’s team edition has task boards and advanced metrics. Users can also connect boards at different levels of the portfolio to gain a complete view of your workflow.

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