Which Tool is Used for Agile Software Development?

which tool is used for agile software development

When choosing a software development tool, you want to make sure that it is agile and that it has features that will make it easy to use. One of the best tools for agile software development is Pivotal Tracker. It is simple, user-friendly, and very efficient. Having an agile software development tool will allow you to better manage your projects and get the most out of your efforts.


Jira is a project management platform that allows you to manage issues, tasks, and workflows. It also gives you a comprehensive look into your projects’ progress. Whether you’re working on a big software project or a smaller one, it helps you track everything you need to complete. You can set up your Jira account with custom fields and templates for easy tracking.

It’s important to note that, while Jira is a good solution for agile software development, it isn’t for everyone. It’s geared towards tech-savvy users and developers, so non-technical members of your team may have trouble figuring out how to use it.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a tool designed to help software development teams work more effectively. It is especially useful for companies that are using agile methodologies. The tool allows users to track their progress and plan their projects more efficiently.

It also helps to increase communication and collaboration. For example, when someone writes a comment, you will receive an email notification.

Another feature of Pivotal Tracker is the icebox, where you can enter ideas and create projects. The idea can then be prioritized by the product owner.


Git is used to support the agile software development process. It is a distributed version control system that secures commits, versions, and file contents. The benefits of this technology include faster development, easier collaboration, and distribution.

Git is most useful for Agile teams, whose work is often broken into small pieces. This allows them to focus on individual tasks and reduces dependency on each other. They can break features into user stories and work on them in different repositories.

The development process begins with a feature kick-off meeting. During this meeting, the product, design, QA, and engineering teams determine the scope of the project. In addition, the team decides what features will be included in the product’s roadmap.


Kanban is a tool for agile software development that emphasizes incremental change. It encourages team collaboration to reduce work in flight, or WIP.

This method of controlling workflow involves defining and managing a backlog, a single source of truth, and a continuous improvement plan. While kanban has become widely popular among agile teams, it is not a simple methodology. Using a kanban approach requires leadership, communication, and innovation at all levels of the organization.

Unlike most agile teams, Kanban does not use a set template. Instead, teams use a process that is tailored to their needs.


ScrumDesk is an online application that can be used for agile software development. It allows you to manage your team’s workflows, assign tasks and track the progress of your projects.

The main features of this tool include Kanban style boards that help streamline workflows. In addition, it offers strong collaboration capabilities. Users can comment on and vote for ideas. This feature will allow the team to have a constructive feedback session.

Another great feature is the integration with Slack. You can add backlog items from Slack and comment on them.

Active Collab

Active Collab is a project management software that integrates task management, collaboration, billing, and time tracking. It is a good choice for teams looking to get their work done and communicate with each other in real time.

In addition to letting you track time, Active Collab allows you to visualize your tasks in a Kanban view. This helps you determine whether or not you are meeting deadlines.

Other features include a file storage tab on the main project page. Additionally, there are custom labels for each task, which can help you find a specific task easily.


ProofHub is a cloud-based tool that helps teams collaborate, communicate and plan projects. It helps teams stay focused on their objectives and deliver projects on time.

Whether you’re a freelancer or a company, ProofHub makes project management easier. With its flexible features, you can manage your workload, assign tasks and give approvals. You can also organize files and schedule time.

ProofHub’s Gantt view lets you visually visualize tasks and dependencies. You can also group and filter your tasks to find the ones that are most important.

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